Best Ways To Boost Up WordPress Performance

WordPress is a great and most popular platform now a days. It offers you so many features and functionalities. Website’s speed is very important as it gives your users a very good experience while browsing your website. A fast website can play a vital role for boosting more traffic and generate more revenue. It also helpful for for SEO. So you need to be very careful about your website’s speed. Here in this article are going to share some most useful WordPress optimization tips to improve your WordPress website’s speed.

Why speed is important?

When any visitors come to your website you need to capture and attract that users in a few seconds. The users don’t have enough time to see your page loading. There are also so many measures problems happens if your website perform slow.

  • Bing search team published an survey that show that, 2-second longer delay in page reduced user satisfaction by 3.8%, increased lost revenue per user by 4.3%, and a reduced clicks by 4.3%. From that survey you can easily realize most of your users will gone before you have the chance to impress them fr a slow loading website.
  • Different search engine rank website according to website’s speed and performance. So if you want to rank first in search engine your website should be more fast.

How to check the speed of your website?

To test the speed of your WordPress website the first thing you need to do is analyze the current load time. There are different current page load time in different pages. It depends on many factors like

  • What types of content that particular page has.
  • The size of that page.
  • The page is cached or not.

To check the speed there are a lots of tool. You can use or Pagespeed insight by google.

Ways To Boost Up WordPress Performance

Choose good Host

Hosting is very important for website’s performance. A shared hosting can males your website slow and have frequent downtime at the time of huge traffic. Running a WordPress website in a shared host will be the worst decision for you. So when you choose any hosting service make sure to check three things

  1. Performance
  2. Speed and reliability
  3. Price, product offer and support

Use a First, Lightweight Template

Different WordPress theme has different features and different capabilities. All the features and functionalities and good design UI of your theme will be valueless if your them perform slow. So always looking for a simple and good looking theme with the features you need and install only your necessary good quality plugins.

Images Optimization

Images can make life to your content and it is also used to attract the users attention. In most of the webite’s images contain more than 60% weight of the website. Images can bring life as well as it can slow down your website speed if the images are not optimized properly. It’s the most common issue for slowing down the website. In order to make your website fast you have to compress your images. So we suggest you to use any photo editing tool to optimized your images before you upload them on your website.

While optimize your images make sure that the size, load time will be smaller but never less the image quality.

Use a CDN

CDN means content delivery network. You must be thinking how CDN is related to WorPress website performance. Imagine your website’s server is in England so the users of England can browse your website faster than the users from Asia. To give the same loading time for all users CDN comes. CDN is a network of servers all around the world.

CDN is use to deliver the static data to your users from the nearest server of the users than your website’s server to improve the page loading time. This service will make your website more faster. All the popular and high traffic websites are now using CDN.

Always keep WordPress website up to date

WordPress is an open source project so it frequently updated it’s version. Each update offers you new functionalities, features as well as fix previous version’s bugs, error and security issue. So you should always keep your eye on WordPress update and keep your website up to date. Using older version of WordPress can make your website slow and you also can face security issue for it.

Use a caching plugin

WordPress plugins are very useful. You can find lots of free plugin for WordPress.The task of a caching plugin is to use advance caching system to optimize your data Js, HTML, CSS Google fonts and many more. Choose a good caching plugin to boost up your speed and performance.

Don’t upload videos directly

Hosting videos has so many disadvantages. You have to pay your hosting company if you upload your videos directly in your website. Hosing videos also increase your website size so it’s difficult to make backup of your site. WordPress has built in video embed feature so you should use Youtube, Vimeo and other video sharing websites to show video on your website.

Database optimization

If you use your WordPress website for a long time there have been a lots unnecessary information gataherd which you don’t need for anything. So get rid of all this unnecessary database to perform your WordPress website more fast and smooth.


There are also a lots of thing you can do to make your website faster. Here you just show you the major factors. We hope this article can helps you to make your website performance fast and smooth.

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