E-Commerce In 2018 What Experts are Predicting

Shopping online is now become a trend. A latest survey shows that 51% of Americans like to shop online and they prefer online shopping. In this connected world ecommerce is growing very fast and surprisingly. For the use of technology the consumer can easily access  a huge amount of content which are changing their behavior. So in the market of E-Commerce In 2018 if you want to attract the  consumer to buy your product you need to be unique and make your strategy better than others. 

Digital presence in your business offers you a variety of channels easily. 2017 is a big successful year for online sellers. A survey by Square and Mercury Analytics named “A 2017 point-of-sale solutions survey” of more than 1000 Americans business owners found that :

  • 56% business owners have physical store.
  • 34% have online store. They sell their product through their website or by using any ecommere platform.
  • 25%  business owners sell through their Facebook pages.
  • 22% sell through marketplaces like Amazon,eBay etc.

By this survey we can easily imagine the huge popularity of ecommerce industry.  In 2018 the industry will expand  more fast.Where is the ecommerce industry move in 2018? To find out the answer we will discuss about some expert predictions here. In this article we will discuss about the 2018 ecommerce trends also.

If you want to stay ahead in this online market in 2018, you need to think about 2017. What mistakes you made in 2017 you need to find out that. You have researching about the future and  try to overcome those  mistakes this year.

E-Commerce Trends  And  Experts Predictions in 2018

Mobile Commerce

Mobile is changing the way of shopping and it interact with the bands. 82% of people (ages 18-34) and 67% people (ages 35-54) have purchase their product by using  mobile devices. Mobile devices also gives the consumers to have easy access of content available online. Mobile devices also offers the customers to easily look for the product information. While shopping online 25% people use mobile for product information, 21% for reviews and other 21% use it for comparison with other shops.

The use of mobile devices will incredibly increase in this upcoming year. So the online sellers should be more conscious about the mobile commerce. They need to rethink about the mobile consumers to grow up their sell as most of the people purchase through mobile devices. Your website should be more mobile friendly and payment gateway should be more easy for the mobile consumers.

Browserless Commerce

Browserless commerce is like removing the browser interface from a range of purchasing / service scenarios. In browserless commerce you can buy products through voice activated devices like Siri, Alexa. In 2018 without any doubt this browserless commerce will grow up  as it takes less time to purchase product than the browsers. Browserless purchasing will become important coinciding with the overall rise in transactions occurring through digital channels.

As a example of  browserless commerce  an HVAC technician can order parts and house materials from the roop of the building through voice controlled devices as well as a truck driver can order body parts for his vehicle on the side of the road. This offers a great deal of convenience.

So the retailers and brands  who are badly dependent on online advertising to target their audience might be rethink their strategy if  the browserless shopping system become famous in couple of month. This browser less commerce or shopping via voice search may seem very uncommon or unnatural for us. But a few years ago it is also unnatural to shop via smartphone, now a days shopping through online is a daily uses for us.

So all the online business owners should be very clear about this new shopping method and make sure that your company or brand can cope with it.

Faster, smarter Blockchain Enable AI

Without any doubt it says that blockchain  and AI is two important technologies that offers so many innovation in every industry. Blockchain will decentralize  your information intermediaries and single, centralized institutions. The ecommerce industry is moved on Blockchain  from supply chain as it can can consume more customers and much more customer-eccentric approach.

Artificial intelligence is very perfect for online marketing as it’s work through history and real time data, also provides problems, strategy and solutions.

Faster, better delivery & distribution

The most important part of online selling is to deliver the product fast and safely to the buyers. If the buyers don’t get the product in time,it will gives a negative impression for your service. By only giving the products fast and easily you can easily engaged with your customers. You need to think what your customers want and offer them every options the have. Most of the consumer wants quicker delivery even in the same day of ordering any product. You need to offer them scheduling time. You can also make your  return policy easier without sacrificing your interest.

As there are a lots of online sellers are available the consumers is increasing day by day. The want more and more services and facilities from the sellers. So in this upcoming year fulfill the consumers satisfaction is also a very challenge for the retailers, brands and online business owners.

Product Recommendations

Recommend your product in a very intelligent way can makes your sells double in ecommerce industry. In 2018 is also play a very important role to make difference from others. Product recommendations means use AI to know your customers mind. Using machine language and AI you can know about what your customers like or what they want to buy and show their desire product to attract them. When you learn about your customers like you need to show them better products on web, in app or in their emails which seems as a day to day task so that the customers behavior won’t change. For this you need a fast and smarter AI. If you do this perfectly it can grow up your revenue from retained customer base.

Chose the perfect platform

Choosing platform is also very necessary to grow up your business. There are a lots of ecommerce platform which gives you a huge functionalities and features. You need to choose the best platform for your need. If you want to make your business big you need to think big. When your business grow up you will get a lots of order. Maintaining the order is also a major issue. Most of the business owners face many problems in their supply chain management. They are not capable of organizing their huge orders. In 2018 ecommerce industry will rise so your business will be rise. Many retailers have online store as well as physical stor and selling their products from both store. When there is a order online store  the deliver the product from their physical store as well as the customers can directly buy from their physical store.

But most of them are not syncing their two store. For not syncing the two stores they face many problem while managing the products and orders,maintain your database and so many. So what is the solution for it?

The solution is if you have two stores online and physical you need to merge the two stores by using any Enterprise resource planning software which makes your work more easier. We have our own Enterprise resource planning software named PrismERP which has versatile core business modules which are capable to manned & manage administrative managerial business propositions entirely & centrally. You can easily merge your two store easily through it. Merging from other platform is also a very easy task. Every type of business are capable of using it. Small, Medium, Large Enterprises can acquire PrismERP because of its diversified design and pricing matrix.

In order to make your business bigger and take it to enterprise level you need to have a physical store besides your online store and manage the supply chain, order and delivery very perfectly.  PrismERP is the best solution for it.

Strong Content

Content is called as  the king in online. A  good content can make a huge difference in your business. Content marketing was already very popular in 2017 and will be more popular in 2018. It’s not enough to showcase your product you need good content related about your products which makes your customer interested. A good content also fell the customers that they need this product or this product is necessary for them. Specially video content will be latest trends in 2018. Video content easily attract the buyers as most of the people want to see instead of reading. So make good and strong content featuring your products. Don’t forget about video contents because in 2018 every brands will try to make contents to sell their products and video contents will be a major part of them.

Subscription Box Models

More Subscription Box Models is not a new trends. Most of the retailers or brands already adopt this trends. In this year it will be growing up. It wile become very necessary because most of the business owners realize  that they have to compete with subscription offerings if they want to make a good business. It can also helps you to engage with the customers.

Here is the trends and expert predictions of ecommerce industry in 2018. This will give you a perfect overview what you have and what to do in this year.  There are also a lot of things and lot of trends will come. A good business owners should conscious about the future and the person who can catch the future trends and make the first step he will be the gainer.

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