Have you ever tried add custom button in WordPress in your website? There are many reason you needed to add custom button in your WordPress website. Buttons will help you to get more attraction in any content. But sometimes adding the button in your WordPress is difficult as you need to know codding to edit the or add button in your WordPress website.

If you are familiar with codding you can easily add button anywhere in your website as WordPress editor doesn’t have any visual option to add button. But don’t worry there is another way to add button. There are some plugins available which will help you to add button in your website without any coding knowledge. So lets see how we can add custom button in WordPress website.

Button Shortcodes

Using WordPress button shortcodes is the easiest way to add button in any pages or posts. You can also customize and add style in your buttons. For this we need to install and active the WordPress Button Plugin MaxButtons. This plugin has so many features and enable you to add customize WordPress button, Social icon and share button. Download or install this plugin and active it. Now lets make our custom button with the help of this plugin.

After successfully install and active the plugin you will find MaxButtons option in your dashboard. Place your courser in MaxButtons and click on the setting option.

add custom button in WordPress

From the setting page you can set some setting option  yourself. You can set the user role who will be able to use this plugin. You can hide the button in editor toolbar and also few common setting options.

To create your custom button go to MaxButtons > Add New.

Now create button interface will open up and you will find so many options available for your buttons. From the basic tab you can add your button name, url, edit color, add size to your size, change fonr and others basic elements are also available.

add custom button in WordPress

There is  also a preview option at top right of your screen. So you will have a live preview of your created button how it looks like.

add custom button in WordPress

This plugins will also offer other seeings option like –

  • Border
  • Background
  • Text Shadow
  • Container
  • Advanced

This plugins provides you everything you need in a button. You can add border, background, text shadow everything with it. Utilizing all these setting you can easily make your unique custom button. When all is done you can save your button and it will appear in the button section of of MaxButtons area. You can find all your crated custom button and its shortcode there. You just need to copy this short code and place it in your pages or post where you want to add the button.


add custom button in WordPress

Because of codding issue it becomes difficult for many users to add button in their website. But following this step will give you a better and easy solutions for that.

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