How to add Google map In WordPress website

Published By: Risul Islam

Published On: February 18, 2021

Published In: WordPress

If you want to add Google map in WordPress website then you are at the right place. Here in this article we will show you the easiest ways to add Google map in WordPress website.

When you run a website for your business or organization it is very important to let your users know where you located. Specially if you use your website in local business then it is a must for you to add Google map in your website. It will helps you in many ways. It will improve your website SEO. Local search engine will show your address to the potential customers. Making smart use of Google map you can take advantages to increase your business growth.

So lets take a look how we can add Google map in WordPress website.

How to add Google map In WordPress website

There are a lots of ways for adding google map in our websites. We can manually add Google map in your website or we can use any plugin to implement  the map in our website.

Manually adding Google map in WordPress website

To manually adding Google map you need to go to google map website and add your location. When you find your location click on the share button in the left column.

add Google map In WordPress

A share window will open up where you will find embed a map option.

add Google map In WordPress

Click on the embed map option and you will able to see the short code to implement the map in your WordPress website.

add Google map In WordPress website

Now you need to paste the code in your website. Login to your website and paste this code anywhere in your website where you want  to show the map.

Add Google map using Google map widgets

Widgets is easiest way to show elements in website. Using Google map plugin you can easily show your location in your website. Install the Google Maps Widgets  plugin and activate it.

To show map in your website using this widgets you need to add Google map API key. It’s the new Google Maps usage policy to generate a free API key to use the google map in any website.
You can follow Google’s documentation to register for free Google Map API.

After generating your API, from the WordPress dashboard go to Settings > Maps Widget for Google Maps then in the Google Maps API Key field add your API key and save the changes.

Now go to Appearance > Widgets. In available widgets area you will see your Google map widgets.

add Google map In WordPress

Now simply drag this Google map widgets and drop it into thee sidebar area. After adding the widgets in the sidebar, you need to customize your map.

add Google map In WordPress

In the title field add a title and in the adders field add your location to show in your website. There also some customization option.You can edit your map size, color, zoom level and many options are available. When everything is done save your setting and go back to website to see the Google map there.

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