Having a website has become essential for all businesses all over the world. Whether you are a small scale operation or a giant organization, without a functional and attractive website, you cannot have high hopes of success in the modern world. Especially for services and consumer goods industries, having a helpful and easy to navigate can significantly increase the chances of success for your company.

Thus, an updated and fully equipped website is a must have for most if not all businesses. In this regard, one has to keep in mind numerous things related to optimal user experience on the website. The customer support and customer care options that you provide on your website are often good indicators of where your business will end up.


Why Live Chat is the Best Option for your business:

Your customers will invariably have questions about the products on your website or the services you are providing. If you want to keep all these customers interested, you will have to be able to cater to their queries. There are a few ways in which you can solve this issue. First, the most traditional approach to this problem is to set up an e-mail query service. This method has become outdated, slow and time consuming. Your business may receive a hundred emails a day and yet none of them may be serious buyers. The time delay between sending and receiving replies is obvious and problematic.

This is also not the way if you want to engage your customers in to buying your products or services. The other option is the use of call services. However, call centers are expensive to retain and invariably be slow as your customers have to wait for long times to get their turn to talk to your representative. Thus, adding live chat services makes the most sense. Firstly, your customers will get responses promptly.

They will not have to be on the line for any duration of time. You can also handle multiple queries simultaneously and you do not have to make your clients wait. These small modifications really engage your customers and increase your customer care profile massively. Through live chat options, you also have a better chance of turning a potential client in to a regular customer. Therefore, live chat is the best option for your business needs and this has to be a guaranteed feature on your website.


Adding Live Chat to your Website:

The next question is, how you can add Live Chat services to your website. This is often a difficult issue to resolve for most organizations that do not have a full fledge IT department looking after such affairs. Even then, it is often best business practice to hire external companies that specialize in this matter. Regardless, it is important to know the various free of cost live chat tools and their pros and cons:

  1. MyLiveChat – This is a great tool to add to your website. There are tons of free features like unlimited chat volume, multi-language facilities, pre-set replies and ability to email you chat history. Moreover, in their paid subscription, there are numerous options for website branding and adding an option to get email addresses from all potential customers. These options make this platform very useful for all kinds of websites and brings out a way to follow up on potential leads.
  1. WP Live Chat Support – If you have a website built around WordPress, then this tool is perfect for your website needs. There are a lot of ways in which you can customize your website’s chat support. The added advantage is that WordPress chat box does not come with permanent brandings so you can make it look uniquely yours. There are other cool features as well such as customized messages to show when you are online and handling unlimited number of customers simultaneously.
  1. to – This is one of the most popular free chat box services around and it is clear to see why this is so. There are tons of positive reviews for this service and the numerous free add-ons explain why this is so. There are options like removing the branding if you purchase their premium package but this is not the biggest issue for most small businesses.
  1. UserLike – The platform provides you with a very basic setup of having one customer support representative and one chat box. This is a very clean look for you website and not very complicated for your customer to work out and understand. However, most of their usable packages are rather expensive to others and this is an issue for some small scale operations.


How Pixelaar is the Best for this Service:

The fact is that most companies lack the technical knowledge to actually add these features on their own. Therefore, these organizations have to go to an outside organization for such requirements. There are many risks involved in this process if you do not go to the right people. Fortunately, Pixelaar is here to help all our potential customers in this regard. We provide the finest technical services to our clients.

We have successfully served more than 200 companies from all over the world and our stellar reputation is there for all to see. Adding of live chat system may seem like a simple task but if you do not do it properly, your entire website can crash along with your repute. Thus, this is a task that should not be handled by amateurs. Here at Pixelaar, our team of experts are more than capable of handling all such technical challenges.

We have provided such up-gradation services to numerous clients in the past and we have nothing but positive feedbacks. The addition of Live Chat services has become an almost essential feature of any website that wants to take things to the next level. It has become a critical way of securing customers and increasing your conversion rates. For such a critical task, you need experts like the team at Pixelaar. So if you want the best quality of work and at a fraction of the price of our competitors, come to Pixelaar. It is in the best interest of your business.