Do you want to improve conversion on an eCommerce website? Here in this article, we will provide you with some tips that will help you to improve your eCommerce website conversion rate.

To grow your eCommerce website, increasing the conversion rate is very important. The more conversion you can get the more sales you can generate. The conversion rate will help you to increase audience engagement and help you to grow your shop. Without proper conversion, you won’t be able to achieve your target.

Whatever you do, the main goal is to sell your products to the customers. So you need to make sure of user engagement so that they can purchase otherwise all your work will be valueless. Let’s see what you can do to improve your conversion rate.

Improve conversion on an eCommerce website

Use site analytics

Using site analytics is the initial step to monitoring your website traffic performance. There are many analytical tools that provide you with where your users come from, how much time they spend, which devices they are using, and other important info. You can use Google Analytics for this purpose. Google Analytics is fully free and provides you with all the information you need to improve your website performance.

You can see this tutorial to connect your website with Google Analytics

You need to analyze your Google Analytics report like the difference between the highest and lowest converting page. Then try to improve the page. You need to also analyze what your user did after landing on your website. If they are not purchasing then try to find out what they are expecting. All this will help you to improve your conversion as well as sales.

Utilize social network

Nowadays social media is one of the greatest sources of traffic. If you have a huge number of followers on your social pages then you can easily turn your followers into your customers. You need to create social proof to convince your customers. If you are a new brand then the social proof is very important. To improve your social proof you can do a lot of things like –

  • Creta a client testimonial and share all your social pages.
  • Share pictures of your products that your customers are sharing or using
  • Add customer reviews to your pages and share positive reviews.

Improve your product page

To attract customers you need to display your products in a unique way with all available information. Add all the available information customers require before buying a product. Add clear images of your products, if possible use multiple images with all angles of the products. Add the features of your product with bullet points so that customers can easily find them.

If you are using the Elementor page builder then you can install the Absolute Addons plugin which enables you to display your product as a product grid or product carousel. It also has advanced features and functionalities to showcase your products.

See this tutorial on how the Absolute Addons Product Carousel widget works.

Add a CTA 

CTA stands for Call To Action which helps you to announce generous offers or features on your website. It is very important to grab the customer’s attention. So you need to make the CTA banner with an attractive design. Your Call To Action text should be bold. large and clear. 

See this tutorial to learn how you can add a Call To Action to your web pages without a single line of coding.


You need to work on your search engine appearance too. If you want to rank your keyword on the search engines you need to improve your SEO performance. It will help you to appear in the search engine. Research your keywords and add them to your content properly. Add the keyword in the title or h2 tag. Don’t use the keyword too many times. 

Live chat features

Many users come to your website and want to learn more about your products or services. But if they are not getting their answer they will leave your shop. Enabling the live chat features will help your user to ask questions instantly. Try to replay the question as early as possible. So answer their questions properly and try to satisfy them. It will create a positive impression that can turn the user into your valuable customer.

Wrapping Up

Following the process, you will be able to improve conversion in your eCommerce website. You can see our other articles to learn How to maintain your WordPress website

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