Pixelaar affiliate program offers an amazing opportunity of earning money just by referring our services and getting recurring sales commissions till clients exist with us! 

Now, isn’t that quite interesting? You can earn just by referring a client and as long as the clientele exists. We will take care of the services, support and everything else and your call is just to refer clients to us.

We offer attractive referral commissions for each successful sale driven by an affiliate link, as long as the client exists with us. So just bring your client and get the first payment not our term but we care you like the same way we care your client, You will get the payment in a recurring mood. So, as long the client exists with us, you will get a 25% commission from their recurring subscription payment.

We offer a recurrent payment method. Which means as long the client is in business with us, you will get a 25% recurring commission from their recurring subscription payment. So, bring your referral client and get the first payment!

Whenever you invite your clients, colleagues, friends, and neighbors to Pixelaar, you will have the opportunity to earn recurring commission every time your referral purchases/renews his/her plan for lifetime.

Let’s look our partnership program deeper:

You will have the opportunity to earn 25% recurring earnings for each time you refer to a person purchasing our plan or renew their plan through your reference. When you refer someone to Pixelaar and create a free account on our website through your referral link and later they purchase any of our paid plans,  then you also have the 25% recurring earning for that purchase. 

You just need to refer your client to Pixelaar and you will be rewarded with 35% commission.

Our affiliate partners can track their recurring commission in real time on our website. They can track down how many people from their referral link signup for or account and how many of them are purchasing any paid plan from us. So it’s totally very easy to view your recurring commission.

Being a partner with Pixelaar on our affiliate program will bring you lifetime business. We have several services where you can refer your clients. Whatever services they choose to purchase, get your 25% commission even before the cost calculation, which is already above our profit margin. We believe in growing together and know how valuable your client is. Whether you are a product developer or just a marketer, the programs are specifically designed to suit you the best. 

When you login to your account you will be able to view how many people sign up through your link and how many people are becoming paid customers. We expect and believe that you will have earn great reward by referring to Pixelaar through our Affiliate Program. The reward you earn from recurring models will really begin to add up.

Why Be an Affiliate Marketer With Pixelaar

Passive Income:

In a regular job you have to maintain the 9 am to 5 pm office schedule. But with Pixelaar affiliate program model you can work from anywhere in the world and you don’t have to follow any time schedule. You offer you 35% recurring commission so if you are good at referring someone to our paid plan then you can earn a passive income from our affiliate program without any hassle.

No Customer Support From Your Side We will take care the clients

To get rewarded with our 25% recurring plan you just need to refer people to us. You don’t worry about customer satisfaction and support what we care about. The one and only job is to link the seller to the customer. That’s it.

Work From Home

Through Pixelaar  Affiliate Program you can make campaigns and get your revenue from home or any of your comfort zones. This is a job you can do without getting out from your room.

Low Cost

Pixelaar Affiliate Program requires no fees. To become our affiliate partner you don’t need to pay us. Or you don’t need to create any product. So it’s very cost effective to start with.

Performance Based Reward

Pixelaar Affiliate Program is fully based on your performance. If you perform better you will earn better. It fully depends on you. Your skill and performance will directly improve your revenue.

Why should you partner with Pixelaar

We are a technology company having over 12 years of hand on experience on web site design and development , Cloud Application development and much more related to web technology . Pixelaar is the parent company of “Themerox” which is one of the Elite Authors in Themeforest marketplace and serves a wide range of purposes including WordPress premium themes and plugin and e-commerce websites to establish your organization’s brand identity. Pixelaar is a team of experienced professionals. 

We are offering Custom Websites and Web Development services for very high enterprise to small organizations to make their dream come true. We are a IT Business Process Outsourcing company who will be take caring all your IT need. Only web development is not our expertise but we have a complete team to fulfill your whole website need like to develop website and maintain its server and upgrade including live chat and many more related to complete business need. 

So Pixelaar will be life saver for your client to focus on his business instead of IT things which is not their primary goal.  

Our mission is to offer our clients a top quality and professional services,customer-specific technologies, and comprehensive expertise.

To partner with Pixelaar you will be benefited with 

  • Unlimited recurring earning
  • Automatic reimbursement
  • Easy and simple tracking process
  • Reverse referrals

Pixelaar offer a wide range of services including –

We have a good service area so you have the opportunity to work with a wide range. Our conversion rate will help you to earn more money. So it will be a huge beneficial for you.

Become an affiliate today for Pixelaar Affiliate Program to get a better chance of recurring earning if you treat it like one! It’s always free and very easy to join.