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Fully Responsive Design
Fully Responsive Design

This snippets is fully responsive and supports all the screen sizes of different devices. After testing every devices screen size, we release this product.

Hand Craft Design
Hand Craft Design

It has an unique design which can make your website looks better. We make our products professionally so that we can present different products than others.

Proper Color Matching
Proper Color Matching

To attract your visitors it is very necessary to have theme color variations in your website. So we confirm you that the theme color is well matched.

Properly Valid Coding
Properly Valid Coding

We always follow standard format of codding while developing any product. There is no garbage code in here. We make it very professionally.

Full Bootstrap Based
Full Bootstrap Based

This snippets is fully based on Bootstrap format with standard and organize code so that our users can use it very easily.

Valid and Commented Coding
Valid and Commented Coding

It has no garbage code. We make it with fully valid code so that it can be easily implemented with any application or website.

Timely Updated
Timely Updated

We always keep our products up to date with latest functionalities and features. So that the users can get all the latest options.

24/7 Hours Support
24/7 Hours Support

We always try to support our users for this we have a strong and expert support team for our forum and live chat. We will get early replay and solutions from here.


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Our Product Pricing

Based on your usages type we are introducing free and developer license. You can use free version in your personal non-profitable project , But for commercial project you need to buy developer license.

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  • Free version for non-profitable project only
  • Developer version for commercial use
  • Life time access
  • Unlimited license for developer version
  • Unlimited downloads for developer license
  • Update and support for each product with a dedicated team
  • Be part of the community and suggest the products you want


No Website License Free


Money Back Guarantee


Money Back Guarantee

View Refund Policy

Payment Options

Credit Card Payment Options

Questions & Answers

Still having questions in mind ? Don't forget to send us email , We will get back to you surely.

Are you offering any affiliate program?

Yes we have affiliate program for  all of our products. We offer 30% of any product for our affiliate marketers.

Are all your themes responsive?

All of our themes are highly responsive and mobile friendly.

What is the refund policy of Pixelaar?

We offer all of our clients a full refund within  15 days  from the purchase time of  the product. When you return any product we will have the right to ask you the reason for refund. We also have the full right to refuse your return request if your reason are not suitable.To learn more about refund policy please read our terms and conditions clearly.”#”

Does the extension and plugin come with the theme?

All the plugins and and extension we used in your products we will get all of them with it. And if you are a club member then we will get all the plugins and extensions we used in all of our products.

Do you provide customization?

Yeah you provide customization for every products. In spite of being client requiring customization a large scale development efforts we offer our customers to customize their product.

Can I use purchased products for my clients?

It depends on your purchased package. If you have multiple domain license in your purchased package then you can use the product for your client.

How many domain license I have from my purchased product.

If you are a club member you will get 30 domain license for each theme. And if you are not a member and purchase a single theme then we have three options for each product.They are :

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Developer

In personal category we will have one domain license, in business we will get 5 domain license following in developer you will have 10 domain license.


How long will you support me?

You will get all the Pixelaar products  support and updates the whole time till your membership expire  from the time of purchase your membership package.

After purchasing a theme is it possible to join club membership?

Yeah ,you can join the club membership anytime but for this you have to pay your membership package fee individually. For example you bought a theme by 50$ and you want monthly membership package(100$)  for this you have to pay the full membership package fee separately.

Can I buy a single theme only?

yeah, we offer  our customers to buy a single product from us. You also have other option to become a member and get all the products we have.

What will happen if I don’t renew my membership?

After expiring  membership  you can still use the themes or plugins or any product you bought. But if you don’t renew the membership you will not be able to access to file download,support or updates. We have two types of membership package monthly and yearly. If you renew your membership you will get 5% discount in monthly package and 15% discount in yearly package.

Are there any recurring payments for the membership?

There is no requiring payment system in any Pixelaar  products.We offer a one time fee in all of our products.In every membership package you will get free product updates and all kinds of support.