The 21st century has had troubled beginnings for mankind. From numerous wars all over the globe, to the 2008 global economic meltdown, things have been tough for the world. And now, this most recent and arguably the most serious threat to our planet, the novel Corona virus. The impact of this pandemic is there for all to see. There has been an unprecedented loss of human life. No country, neither the rich, nor the poor, is safe from this deadly disease. In fact, the most powerful nation of the world, and also the one with the most resources, the United States of America (USA), has had the most casualties from this virus. The human way of life has been completed altered. Due to lockdowns and quarantines, people are living isolated lives. The ever present fear of catching this disease means that people are in isolation. Governments all over the world have had to make difficult choices to control the spread of the virus. The strict rules have really taken a toll on the society in general and there is little progress towards the eradication of this issue.

Economic Impact of Covid-19:

After the loss of life, the loss to economy has been most devastating. Here are just a few highlights of this devastation:

  • According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the impact of Covid-19 on world economy is as bad as it was from the 2008 financial crisis.
  • Even before the Corona virus, the world economy was on the ropes due to the trade war between USA and China. Add to this situation, this pandemic, and we have the worst economic situation since the Second World War.
  • The US Federal Reserve Estimates that just in the United States, unemployment will reach a staggering 30%.
  • Again, the US Federal Reserve estimates that the US economy will shrink by half.
  • According to one report from the BBC, the US Stock Market saw its biggest quarterly drops since 1987.
  • It is expected that global economic growth will be cut in half to a meager 1.5%.

This is a frightening indicator of where the global economy is headed. If the world’s biggest economy will suffer so much, how bad things will get for the rest of the planet? These are frightening numbers for all the leaders and nations and rightly so. This pandemic has wreaked havoc on the economic front. Furthermore, it is showing no sign of subsiding and receding. It is predicted that the world will only be able to start recovering from this problem in 2021. So this means a tough few years for everyone.

To assess how bad the situation really is, the oil market is the perfect example to understand the far reaching consequences of Covid-19. Brent Crude fell to below $20 for the first time in nearly 2 decades. The price per barrel of WTI went negative for the first time in history. Despite the reduced production by OPEC, oil prices have barely recovered as the whole world has been brought to a grinding halt. Thus, it is looking like a problematic few years to come for the oil industry. Similarly, the travel industry has been hit hard by this pandemic. According to World Travel and Tourism Council, there will be 75 million jobs lost in the travel industry alone due to the Corona virus. The approximate loss in revenue goes over 2 trillion US Dollars. The US giant Disney is feeling the pressure as well from the closure of its numerous theme parks around the world. The airlines are also one of the hardest hit groups. According to IATA, the revenue for airlines could fall by almost 250 billion US Dollars. Thus, it is fair to say that the economic impact of this disease is far reaching and adverse.

Future Economic Prospects under the Covid-19:

What makes this pandemic even more complicated to deal with, is the fact that currently, there are no known vaccines against this virus. There is no medical procedure that can guarantee the survival of the victim of Corona virus. So until such a cure is discovered, the economic outlook seems grim. Most experts predict that the world may take many years to recover from this pandemic. The global economy has emerged as an interconnected whole in the last few decades. This complex linked system is dependent on various countries and all these cogs must play their part.

The global supply chain has broken down as demands have fallen for all consumer goods except food items. The services industry has been hit the worst as jobs have evaporated into thin air and it will take a long time to get things to normal. So for all the businesses and their respective shareholders, these are troubling times. These leaders must make smart and shrewd choices considering the impact of Covid-19 and decide how to take their business forward.

How to move forward ?

Even before the spread of Corona virus, the world was heading towards more and more digitization. e-commerce has been booming in the last few years. This is evident from the fact that Amazon became a trillion Dollar company and it has consistently posted solid numbers. Because of this virus, digital revolution will only speed up. As businesses all over the world realize the value of an on-line presence, there will be more interest in this domain. Consider the example of the online video conferencing service Zoom. Its shares have sky rocketed in the past few months due to the growing number of online meetings taking place all over the world. All the businesses, whether large conglomerates, or small cottage industries, must an online footprint to keep up with the modern world. Without having a digital presence, the companies may not be able to survive at all in these troubled times.

Now the question is, how to achieve a digital stronghold in the competitive business world of today? For many brick and mortar businesses, going online may seem like and extra and unwarranted expenditure. These stores consider themselves as local business and do not see the value in going global. However, globalization has made the world a one big marketplace. Today, local businesses can have customers from all over the world if they just have the wisdom to spread their message.

Especially now, when profits are running low and businesses are closing down all over the world, a digital presence and online work will really be a boon to most such organizations. Furthermore, even for those businesses that want to go online, it is often troublesome for them to start. These businesses need professional help for them to make it in the digital world. It is critical that you choose the right company for your business in your ambitions of going global. If you do not, this endeavor will certainly end in failure. Unfortunately, there are a lot of hurdles for any organization to start in this regard.

Operational Cost Reduction and Advantages of Managed Business Process Outsourcing:

It is no secret that for most organizations and businesses, revenues have dried up. To ensure maximum profits, companies have to take cost cutting measures. The best way to achieve this is to reduce the operations cost of your business. This is one reason why we are seeing unemployment on the rise in many countries. The extra workforce is being left out. But this may have serious consequences for the overall performance level of the company. So how can one achieve cost cutting without compromising on quality? One important concept in this regard is that of Managed Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Fundamentally, this means that companies should not just stick to hiring all the employees in-house. In fact, it is a much cheaper alternative that you hire external organizations to help you in performing these supporting tasks.

BPO is an integral concept to understand in the times of corona virus. You may get sporadic sales and your business revenue may begin to fall. So it is no longer feasible to hire complete teams to handle tasks that may be arising sporadically. Your business can not have entire team for web maintenance service when it is something that has to be done occasionally. In these troubled times, organizations have to work smart. They have to optimize their revenue stream so they can remain solvent. The advantages of this cost cutting will be manifold. A company needs this extra revenue especially in these troubled times. Whether to reinvest this cash or to simply save it for tougher times ahead, this is an integral part for success in times of economic downturn. So the solution is to hire an external helping source. In fact, on many occasions, this is the better strategy. Hiring a professional company for auxiliary functions is always better than having an in-house employee. The impact of Covid-19 means that this the only way forward. These external organizations will be the critical part of the future. The key here is to find a company that not just talks the talk. For the best health of your business, it is important that you hire competent professionals who know what they are doing. And you do not have to look any further than Pixelaar.

Pixelaar to the Rescue:

Luckily for all, we at Pixelaar are here for you. We have the complete 360 degree support for our customers. Whether your need is to maintain your existing services or to start from scratch, Pixelaar’s dedicated an dedicated and professional team is your best shot at achieving the online success you want to have. The fact is that our help is essential for all businesses in these troubled times. Without ensuring a strong digital presence, businesses are bound to fail in these times of lockdowns and quarantines. Revenues are dwindling for almost all the businesses out there. To ensure the same amount of profits, businesses must cut down on their operational costs. However, in this scenario, how can one maintain the same quality and standards as before? The answer is of course, Pixelaar.

We promise to give you more bang for your buck. We guarantee the highest professional standards at a fraction of the cost from our competitors. This is where Pixelaar comes in. We are the premiere company for all your business needs. We are the best at what we do and we do it at the lowest cost possible. Our excellent track record speaks for itself as we have served more than 200 organizations in achieving their professional ambitions. In the following lines, we explain some of our services and emphasize how these essential features will help you in ensuring your economic prosperity.

Pixelaar Services:

Website Maintenance Services are essential for all those businesses that already have a digital presence. Many times, a company just creates a website, and then forgets about updating it and managing it. This has drastic consequences for the business. A website that is not regularly maintained, will be full of bugs, will be a security threat for the customers as well as the business and it will not be updated with the latest plugins and software. This will mean that the website’s SEO score will fall and your business will not get the promotion and visibility it needs. All in all, a website that is not maintained is probably worse than having no website at all.

Our team here at Pixelaar will look after your website maintenance needs at the fraction of the cost of our competitors. More importantly, the quality of our services is unparalleled and head and shoulders above the rest. In these times of economic uncertainty, we have vowed to provide the highest standards of service at a minimal cost. We will help you in cutting down your operations cost and at the same time maximize your revenues. Our website maintenance services will ensure that your website is up to date and it is actually a boon to your company rather than a burden.

Now, Server Maintenance is just as crucial for the smooth functioning of an online business. In particular, if you have popular website, it is essential to maintain the server regularly to handle all the traffic. Due to corona virus, and people being in lock downs, the use of online platforms has increase manifolds. This increase in traffic may cause your network to malfunction and subsequently crash. We are already providing this essential feature to numerous satisfied and recurring customers and this speaks for our professional standards. To ensure the proper working of your servers, our special services include:

  • Server Setup
  • Security Audit
  • Proactive Updates
  • Emergency Chat Support
  • Troubleshooting
  • 24/7 Monitoring

If you do not have a digital presence yet, and you want to create a website of your own, then come and join us at Pixelaar as we have an amazing Custom Web Development Service. We will turn your ideas into a reality. We are the perfect company to execute your vision according to your plans. We are apt at making all sorts of websites and this is evident by just glancing at the list of clientele we have had. All sorts of domains, from engineering, to arts, whether public sector or private sector, we are proud to say that we have served people to the best of our abilities. We understand the fears businesses venturing in the digital domain. We will be the helping hand you need in achieving your aspirations. We are the best choice simply because we do twice the job for half the cost. There is no deal better than this.

E-commerce is the way to go in these times of economic downturn. Thus, the ability to sell your products even in times of strict lockdowns is really a blessing. To help you in selling the products, we here at Pixelaar also offer you the Amazon Niche Site Building Services. Many of our clients are earning millions thanks to the effort we have put in establishing their online presence. We excel at giving our clients the platform that they require for making the most out of their businesses. Some of our defining features in this regard include:

  • Code Optimization
  • AI Driven Workflow
  • SEO Friendly
  • Easy to update and Reliable

Another issue that may arise for you in your online quest of success is the fact that you will be dealing with too many customers. We help our clients effectively run and manage their companies. The development of Live Chat Maintenance Services is something that can be the difference in your final sales numbers. We do not just stick to mindless bots handling our business for us. Instead, we have a strong and dedicated team that will help you in dealing with your customers. We will drive your sales up like never before. Our track record speaks for itself as we have repeatedly helped our clients in achieving unparalleled success.

In the same vein, Customer Support Services is also our forte. The catering to customer’s questions, helping them with your products and solving their problems are integral in the domain of customer care. Without proper maintenance and support for your customer base, your business will get a bad reputation. You will start to lose money, instead of gaining it. So we have the perfect platform for you to come to us and let us help you in all these matters. Our track record in this record has been stellar. The clients we have had speak highly of us and we have established strong links in the industry with our hard work and dedication to serve. Our customer support team is highly trained and professional and they have excelled at every task in all the various industries we have worked in.

In the competitive world, there are numerous competitors. To help your company and your product stand out, we provide e-commerce branding promotion service for our clients. We have had numerous successful campaigns of different companies and products. The experts that we have here at Pixelaar are really what you and your organization requires to elevate its standing in the business world. Image is everything in today’s brand conscious world. So the need for proper management of your products is a must to ensure maximum profit for your organization. Likewise, promotions and advertising is something that all new products require. But you do not need to worry about that either. We will help you in achieving your targets for your product or your service.

Finally, if you have a new product that you want to bring to the market, but do not know how, we are here to help you as well. Launching something new can be very tricky, especially for a small organization that lacks the expertise in this regard. But this should not be the reason why your product cannot succeed in the market. With our Amazon Product Consultancy Service, we will offer you the complete services in this regard. We will be your guide and helpers in your endeavors to launch a product successfully into the market. Our team of experts will certainly help you in the complete project life cycle and ensure that your product is a commercial success.

The fact is that Corona virus has fundamentally altered the way in which we will live as a species. In particular, the economic impact will be felt all across the world and it will have to be managed for some years to come. So companies must come up with alternative methods and plans to guarantee their economic security. The concept of Business Process Outsourcing will be the new norm for many organizations. In these trying times, we here at Pixelaar will be your perfect partners. We have the expertise, the team, the attitude, the work ethic and customer care that you need. So for your path into a new digital world, we are your guide. We have no peers in our pursuit of excellence and meeting the requirements of the clients. This is the secret for success in these trying times. Thus, for all your digital requirements, you have this one destination, Pixelaar.