E-commerce is the driving force behind modern economy. The internet has turned the modern world into a global village with consumers and suppliers being linked from all over the world. This means that you will have clients from the whole planet. But this also means that you will have competition from other suppliers of goods and services. So this becomes a tricky situation with a lot of money on the line.

The growing popularity of e-commerce is due to its inherent simplicity and ease. But customers often feel like missing out on the traditional shopping experience. This is where your product detailing and especially interactive product details come in to play. These features give your product or service a unique appeal and this can be the dividing line in your pursuit of online supremacy.


Interactive Product Details:

No one likes a boring webpage. E-commerce is based on consumerism and the modern addiction to shopping. For most people, shopping is fun and a hobby. So how can one make the bland experience of online shopping more interesting? The answer is making your product details interactive and adding as much details as you can in an easy to comprehend way. This is where the utility of interactive product details come into play. These small additions turn your webpage from ordinary to something special. The addition of small features like dynamic imaging, the addition of affiliated videos and ability to zoom in and out quickly, bring a certain charm to the mundane outlook of most webpages.


Importance of Interactive Product Details for SEO:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become one of the most important bench marks for any website. In particular, for an E-commerce website, having good SEO scores can be the defining line between success and failure. Search engines organize the websites they display mostly based on their SEO. If you are not making it to the first page on Google or other search engines, chances of your success get significantly downgraded. Thus it is important that you move up this chain in a world full of competitors. Adding interactive product details is an essential aspect of a high SEO score and one of the fundamentals to make it in to the big leagues of E-commerce. These features may seem small but they are often the characteristics that define your company’s future.


Importance of Interactive Product Design for Client Conversion:

Client conversion is one of those tricky things that are hard to pin down to just one factor. This issue has been bugging every website owner in the digital services or products era. There are no hard and fast rules as to what really makes a customer buy a product after seeing a product. Though, one is thing is for sure, that your website layout plays a key part in this critical decision making. The Interactive Product design makes your website appear better along with making it better as well. So it is not just a cosmetic change but it has real purpose and value behind it. The more you make your customer’s life easier, the more chances you have of turning that customer in to a buyer. The ease of use is significantly increased by introducing features of interactive product design. Again, coming back to the point of adding fun to the experience of online shopping, interactive product design is perfect for this sort of thing. It adds flavour for your customer experience and at the end of the day, this is what will drive your final sales number.


How Interactive Product Design helps your business:

After price and delivery time, product content is the most important part of your online sales pitch. It is one of the most important criteria for your online business. How you present yourself is equally important with what you are presenting. This is one of the cardinal principles of the modern marketing in the e-commerce era. Interactive product design does this for you. It tidies up the outlook of your website and your product. According to Baymard Institute, online abandonment can reach up to 70%, this means that about 7 out of 10 people will skip your website if they do not find it to their liking. This is a frightening figure for anyone in the E-commerce industry. Specifically, 3 out of these 7 leave your website due to poor product description. This figure shows the crucial nature of interactive product design on your website. Thus, interactive product design attracts customers to your platform and it shows your capability and seriousness as a business. In this cut throat competitive environment, these small changes are critical to the overall success of your organization.


How Pixelaar will help your business:

It is clear to see for everyone in the E-commerce industry that interactive product design is essential for the betterment of your business. From the smallest groups to the biggest conglomerates, companies are working on their digital outlook. However, most companies cannot do this on their own. In fact, seeking outside help is the only course of action left for some small and medium enterprises. The question is, how this can be achieved.

The answer has to be Pixelaar. The issue is that this sort of work requires a keen insight in to the e-commerce industry as well as the ability to read potential customer mindset. There are not many companies that have an expertise in both these departments. But Pixelaar is not just another company. It is one of the finest rising tech companies in the region.

We have experts in the field of business and market analytics that can help you identify where your product needs working. Moreover, the immensely talented technical team at Pixelaar can take care of any and all design problems that you may face in this next step for your business.

Whether it is improving on existing product details or creating something from scratch, Pixelaar excels at every front. Our hundreds of clients testify to this fact that Pixelaar always lives up to the expectations of its clients. We have the technical skills as well as the business acumen for all your needs.

At the end of the day, that is what you need to take your business to the next level in the competitive world of E-commerce. You will find no other company more suited or qualified than Pixelaar in this regard for your help and guidance.