Websites are integral elements of the digital world of today. The utility and importance of websites are equally evident for all organizations; whether large corporations or cottage industries. So there is an ever-increasing trend towards more and more companies and businesses having a digital presence. However, once the website is created, there is a lack of understanding of the importance of maintaining that website. Business owners often do not show the same enthusiasm for the maintenance and updating of their websites as they show for their creation. Website maintenance service is not a service for the organizations but a must requirement, whether it is done by an in-house team or a specially designed agency.

This is a major flaw and it can cost an organization greatly

Maintenance of websites is an integral step in the overall utility and impact of going digital and creating a webpage. The maintenance of websites is a crucial part of the success and popularity of a website. Website maintenance services are therefore essential to consider for all these digital portals.

In simple terms, website maintenance means keeping a website free of errors, updated with the newest trends and keeping it free of malware and other harmful content.

Website maintenance service, therefore, means catering to all these issues. It is very critical that a website is updated and regularly maintained. In the modern cyber world, cybersecurity is extremely critical. A lot of the websites have some sort of e-commerce or financial aspect related to them with confidential information of the users at risk. Without constant maintenance, this data is at risk from the threat of hackers.

Moreover, in the fiercely competitive environment of today’s world, there is always a challenge from the competitors. To make a website stand out and catch the user’s attention, regular maintenance is required. Similarly, to add more new and updated content, the website has to be upgraded and improved so its appeal increases for the customers and target audience.

An analysis of the latest trends in malware and hacked websites detected (or remediated) by Sucuri shows that only for lac of website maintenance 90% of the website being compromised.

What happens if you don’t maintain your website?

The same thing if you do not maintain your car and get it regularly serviced. It breaks down, becomes unreliable and a liability rather than an asset. Here are some major issues that arise without proper website maintenance:

  • A website is your new business card, a gateway to your enterprise. A website that is not maintained casts doubts over your entire organization
  • You start losing customers. As your website becomes slower and unresponsive, customers lose interest, you lose business which means you lose money
  • The website is prone to crashing, getting stuck or becoming unresponsive, and it can be very frustrating for all parties involved
  • Security threats become a big issue, lack of updating means that your website is vulnerable to the ever-growing threat of hacking and infectious malware
  • Threat to your customers and to your own e-commerce prospects

Website Maintenance Service Security \

All in all, a website that is not properly maintained, is worse than having no website at all.

The value of website maintenance can be gauged from its impact on a webpage’s SEO (search engine optimization). Essentially, it is a collection of strategies, techniques, or tactics to increase the number of visitors to a website. The more the number of visitors, the better it is for a company or website owner. SEO is also essential for a higher rank on different search engines like Google and Bing. So if a website is not updated and properly maintained, it will not be able to keep up with its competitors. Google launches numerous webpage classification algorithms each year.

It constantly upgrades or degrades a webpage with its ranking factor. A slow and older webpage will thus have a lower ranking and it will fall down the search pages. This means that without proper maintenance, a website’s SEO will suffer. Subsequently, its visibility on numerous search engines will decrease. Thus, to achieve proper SEO, the website has to be regularly maintained. So website maintenance services are essential for site SEO that has a significant bearing on the fortunes of the webpage.


So what is to be done about this issue?

First, it is important to understand that there are different aspects of website maintenance services. This often varies depending on the type of website as well as the requirements. There are different services offered by different vendors and even the in-house experts of the domain may not be capable of all the requisite services.

Generally, website maintenance services include troubleshooting issues, security problems, updating plugins and settings, modifications to the website and general up-gradation and housekeeping.

It does not include the addition of new content or the creation of a new service or product for the platform. Essentially, website maintenance services mean keeping things up-to-date and free of bugs and other such issues.

Secondly, it is a recurrent problem that needs handling. There are two ways to go about it.

  • Either you hire an in-house expert that is there all the time.  A full-time employee is always there for a problem that only arises sporadically. Or,
  • you can hire a competent team of experts from a company that does this job all the time. It is always better to hire a website maintenance agency for this work.

There are numerous reasons for this:

  1. Hiring a full-time employee for a task that is not regularly done can be quite expensive.
  2. This is not only challenging, but it’s very difficult to find someone who knows everything about web technologies. In general, it’s a job not for a single person but for a group of expert people which means a specially designed team with special facilities.
  3. The website maintenance work is very wide-ranging and quite demanding. This means that it may be too much to ask of a single employee to cater to all the challenges of website maintenance.
  4. Owing to the sporadic nature of website maintenance, the experts in the field of website maintenance are well suited to handle the issues that arise.

And this is exactly where the team at Pixelaar FZC LLC excels. We are a specially designed agency for website maintenance service having website maintenance experience for our valued customers catering to all aspects of this important work. We have expertise in numerous areas related to website maintenance. Some of our key services include:

  • Core Update
  • Theme Update
  • Plugin Update
  • Content Update
  • Security Check
  • Layout Update
  • Image Optimization
  • Database Optimization

Why you should take a website maintenance service from Pixelaar?

We have a dedicated team that is serving more than 200 companies. Our team of web developers is always at hand to cater to the requirements of the customers and this is why we have 24/7 service for our clients. Thus, we are always there for you and your business needs.

Maintaining the web page regularly may seem like an additional expense to your websites. Especially to small start-ups that are already trying to cut down on their running costs. But the fact is that this is essential for the overall performance and prospects of the website. Without proper maintenance, a website is vulnerable to numerous and often debilitating threats.

Moreover, a website without maintenance will not be able to generate proper revenue or traction. It will always be unappealing for the user and thus it will reduce its chances of getting popular. On the other hand, a properly maintained website will be a great benefit for the manager or owner of the website. It will be optimized with respect to its target audience as well as with the new search engine algorithms.

An updated and well-maintained website will also have much higher chances of popularity with the user. Furthermore, such a website will be well protected from the ever-growing cyber threats that haunt today’s digital world. Therefore, website maintenance should not be taken lightly and it should be an integral part of your company’s future planning.

And we here at Pixelaar FZC LLC is the perfect organization for your website maintenance needs. We have an excellent track record that speaks for itself. Thus, for all your website maintenance needs, you have this destination that can enhance your business further.

So let us help you in your issues related to website maintenance and updating because we will always be there for you.

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