Are you wondering Why WordPress Breadcrumbs are important for SEO? Here in this article, we will discuss the importance of Breadcrumbs for Search Engine Optimization.

Using a Breadcrumb you can display the navigation path of a blog post or pages on your website. It gives your users a clear understanding of where the web page is located. It also helps to understand the content structure. On the other hand, it also provides a proper structure for the search engine to understand your content.

So it’s very important to have Breadcrumbs on your website to enhance your SEO performance.

What is Breadcrumb?

Breadcrumb is basically a path to provide content structure. Using the Breadcrumb navigation you can go back to the parent category of the content or the homepage. All the steps to reach the specific content will be clickable in Breadcrumb navigation.

For example, if you go to any popular eCommerce website product page, you will see categorization of that product easily using the Breadcrumb navigation.

For search engines, Breadcrumb is also important to enhance your visibility. Search engines will easily understand your content structure which helps your website to appear easily on search engines.

Types of Breadcrumbs

There are different types of breadcrumbs available –

Dynamic Breadcrumbs

Dynamic breadcrumbs help the users to click multiple attributes to reach a specific page. It is mostly used in eCommerce websites.

Hierarchical Breadcrumbs

Hierarchical breadcrumbs are the most common breadcrumb that is used on most websites. Most blog websites are using Hierarchical breadcrumbs. It will provide a proper structure and clickable navigation path to the content.

History-based Breadcrumb

History-based breadcrumbs use the user’s history as a navigation path in the Breadcrumb. The user’s history is reflected in this type of Breadcrumbs. So the user will get an overview of how many pages they open before they reach any specific page.

You can see this tutorial to learn how to display breadcrumb navigation links in WordPress.

Why WordPress Breadcrumbs are important for SEO?

Search Engine Visibility

Breadcrumbs can enhance your search engine visibility as they can understand your content structure effectively. Besides Breadcrumbs help the search engine bot to collect more information about your website. The more information the search engine can collect the more chance for your website to be visible in the search engines. Breadcrumbs are also displayed in the search engine result too.

Decrease bounce rate

The bounce rate is also very important for Search Engine Optimization. Bounce rate is the session time a user spends on your website. The more users spend on your website the less the bounce rate will be. Breadcrumbs create interest for your users to read more about your website.

Less bounce rate websites getting extra facilities from search engines too. So it is important to reduce the bounce rate of your website.

Improve user experience

Breadcrumbs as navigation tools help users to understand the website structure. Users can easily get from one place to another using the breadcrumbs navigation. It gives them a better user experience and they will never lose in your website.

While adding Breadcrumbs you need to consider the following things –

  • Breadcrumbs should be visible and clear
  • Breadcrumb should be responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Enable Breadcrumb Schema markup

Wrapping Up

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