You have a stunning website with a very beautiful design and lots of advance features and functionalities but your website are not SEO optimized. Then everything you have in your website is valueless if no one can find it and view it. You need to showoff what you have. SEO gives you the opportunities to show off yourself on the internet.

If you are using WordPress then have the platform for SEO. You just need to use it for the best. But if you are not in WordPress then take a look at this article and you will understand the features in WordPress for SEO.

WordPress has many features and functionalities which makes it the best and most used Content Management System. Among all the features one of the best features is to implement it in search engine. Search engine is a great way to get organic traffic to your website as it is the primary way for the user to find your website. So, lets discuss about why WordPress is the best for SEO.


Permalink is your website url. From the WordPress admin dashboard you can easily edit this permalink. You can set it at any format you like. Your default link is “”. For any specific article you can set it “”. This type of permalink is better for SEO as the viewers can see the topic in the link.

Permalink is very important for website ranking. It can effect your ranking in two ways-

  • Keyword in the link are important ranking factor
  • Increase CTR (Click Through Rate) of the post


Post title and meta description are also two important for to rank your website high on search engine. Focus keyword and metadata can increase search engine possibilities. You need to add metadata and keyword in every post of your website.

There are a lots of plugin available in WordPress for SEO. The plugin let you add metadata on your post automatically.

SEO By Design

WordPress is fully designed for Search Engine Optimized. In WordPress, it generates HTML pages so that search engine can easily accessed it. Most of the WordPress themes are processed with  “heading” tags correctly by default, making your page titles easily understood by search engines.

SEO Optimized Images

Images is very important to make your website and content more attractive and readable. SEO optimized imaged indirectly help you to improve your SEO performance as it increase your website’s user experience. WordPress offers you the option to optimized your images. Just open an image edit option and fill the alternative text box with your focus keyword. You can also edit the page sizes to improve website performance.

SEO Plugin

WordPress plugins collection are huge. You can find hundreds of SEO based WordPress plugin. This plgin cover up all the aspects of SEO support you need for your website. All of these plugin helps you to make your content performing well to review the track of your visitors. Plugins help you to make full breakdown for every pages on your website to improve the SEO.

User Experience

Good user experience allows you a good audience engagement. If your website has good user interface you can attract your audience more time in your content. Search engine can analysis your website bad user experience by the bounce rate and average time your visitor spend in your website. You can see your website statistics data from google analytical dashboard. A higher bounce rate will coast you in search engine.

WordPress offers you a lots of features and option customize your website. With the helps of various page builder and plugins you can convert your website into a very beautiful and well organized website to help user experience.

Mobile Optimized

In mobile optimization WordPress has gone a far way. All the themes in WordPress are fully mobile optimized. So your website has a very good user experience in mobile devices also.If your website is not mobile optimized then it will not even show up in Google results for mobile search requests anymore.


Speed is not like a ranking factor but if website are slow then you may lost your users which effect your overall user experience. It will increase your bounce rate and high bounce rate are very harmful for SEO. Sometimes Google also banned slow website so its very important to have a website with fast loading time.

In WordPress website speed is not a big deal. You can choose any fast loading theme which will increase your site performance as well as loading time.

Social Media Integration

Social media is also very important for SEO. If you have good audience engagement in your social media then you can easily redirect them to your website which can improve your ranking. On the other hand if your website has good ranking your user expect you to share that in social media so that they can easily connect with you.

In this case WordPress also have many option for you. You can install any of the popular social media plugin which make your job to integrate your website with social media.


Using WordPress will benefit you in many ways. It will save your times and efforts to maintain your website and run it smoothly.