Nearly a quarter of all the websites you see on the internet, are developed via WordPress. This open source platform managed by a community of developers is the leading light in the world of website development. In the digital world of today, having a website is as important as having a telephone in the analog era. Thus, your website is the gateway through which your customers interact with you and you can spread your message to all.

WordPress has emerged as the go to destination for this purpose. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, and most importantly, it is a free to use platform. Secondly, it has a dedicated team of developers that are constantly looking to upgrade their product. Finally, its growing popularity has a snowball effect as more and more join the platform, the services and contributors keep on getting better.

Updating WordPress

Another key feature of WordPress is its regular updates. These critical modifications are essential to the popularity of WordPress and its longevity in the web development world. Many business owners forget about their website once it is formed. However, this is a costly mistake. Without the regular updating, your website will be prone to crashing or hacking and neither of these things are good for your business.

Updating the website core is the bare minimum you have to do regularly. Core updates are the fundamental upgrades to your website and this ensures a smooth running of your platform. So updating WordPress has numerous advantages and these change are essential for the smooth running of your platform. Some critical reasons as to why WordPress should be updated are seen here :

  • Security – WordPress is open source. That means, everyone has access to the source code. This is done so that people can make improvements to the platform. However, this also means that hackers and other people with bad intentions can find loopholes in the system and cause harm. WordPress is always on the lookout for these hackers. So whenever such a system breach is detected, WordPress fixes the issue and launches an update. So if you do not update, your website will be at risk from a known vulnerability in the system.
  • New Features – The team at WordPress is always looking to add more functionality to the system. These additional features are rolled out with new updates. Features like new ways to add plug ins and faster plugin updates are essential to the smooth working of your platform in the ever transitioning digital world •
  • Faster Websites – A slow website is a big turn off for potential customers and users. You lose clients if your website is sluggish. It gives bad impression to your target audience. With WordPress updates, your website will get faster and work smoother. This is another important reason as to why you should always upgrade WordPress
  • Bug Fixes – There are residual bugs that may be highlighted later on by some other developer or user. WordPress removes these issues when it rolls out its updates to the platform. You do not want these viruses or malware on your platform so it is essential that you keep your WordPress up to date.

Compatibility of Plugins

Now with each WordPress upgrade, numerous developers of plugins also launch their update. Essential plugins like Yoast SEO and WooCommerce are the fundamental requirements for almost all WordPress websites. So when you update your WordPress, these plugins get updated as well. Without regular updates to these plugins, your website will suffer. These major plugins usually follow the best business practices and their codes are not prone to crashing. However, many of the minor plugins may be shabbily updated and this will increase the chances of a crash of your website. Thus, you must understand the consequences of not taking care of your platform.

Hiring a company for WordPress Update

This is also where a critical question needs to be answered. Do you hire an external company for the WordPress updating or you do this by yourself? The answer is that it is always best business practice to hire the competent professional for all such tasks. Updating WordPress by yourself is a dangerous gamble with your business and your organization. The few bucks you do not spend on this will end up costing you a lot more if your website is not running smoothly and effectively.

This is especially true due to the compatibility issue related to the plugins. There are numerous modifications to the website themes and styles with each update. Without proper knowledge of how to update, this will often result in PHP error. Furthermore, many plugins are not properly updated and it will cause the website to crash. You cannot afford to take such risks with your business. Thus, always hire a professional company for your website maintenance and WordPress Update.

Always Choose Pixelaar

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