As a website maintenance service company, we always face instances in which small businesses owners wants their online investment is complete once they’ve had their business website designed, developed, and pushed live. They don’t want to invest any money after their website is complete. But completing the website is only first steps in establishing and growing an business online.

After developing your website you need to make some time for your website and give some extra care to if you want to grow up your business. Lunching your website is not the end its only the begging. If you want to get the best from your website you need to maintain it in regular basis.

For this reason Website Maintenance Expert can help you. You can choose your website maintenance service partner and release all your worries about maintaining the site. Your partner will handle all the changes and update of your website as well as adding new post, promotion, showcasing the latest press coverage you received, update your product/service and keep your website performance better and fast.

What is to be done about this issue?

First, it is important to understand that there are different aspects of website maintenance service. This often varies depending on the type of website as well as the requirements. There are different services offered by different vendors and even the in-house experts of the domain may not be capable of all the requisite services.

Generally, website maintenance services include troubleshooting issues, security problems, updating plugins and settings, modifications to the website and general up-gradation and housekeeping.

It does not include addition of new content or creation of a new service or product for the platform. Essentially, website maintenance services mean keeping things up-to-date and free of bugs and other such issues.

Secondly, it is a recurrent problem that needs handling. There are two ways to go about it.

  • Either you hire an in-house expert that is there all the time.  A full time employee that is always there for a problem that only arises sporadically. Or,
  • you can hire a competent team of experts from a company that does this job all the time. It is always better to hire a website maintenance agency for this work.

There are numerous reasons for this:

  1. Hiring a full time employee for a task that is not regularly done can be quite expensive.
  2. This is not only challenging, but it’s very difficult to find someone who knows everything about web technologies. In general it’s a job not for a single people but for a group of expert people which mean a special designed team with special facilities.
  3. The website maintenance work is very wide ranging and quite demanding. This means that it may be too much to ask of a single employee to cater to all the challenges of website maintenance.
  4. Owing to the sporadic nature of website maintenance, the experts in the field of website maintenance are well suited to handle the issues that arise.

Why you should choose Pixelaar for your website maintenance service?

Pixelaar FZC LLC excels are specially designed agency for website maintenance service having website maintenance experience for our valued customers catering to all aspects of this important work. We have expertise in numerous areas related to website maintenance. Some of our key services include:

  • Core Update
  • Theme Update
  • Plugin Update
  • Content Update
  • Security Check
  • Layout Update
  • Image Optimization
  • Database Optimization

What we offer

Expert by your side

By choosing us as your Website Maintenance partner we will always be trusted to reach you out for any website related problem or any need about your website.

Zero errors and broken links

A website with error message and broken links can harm a lots in your business. A broken link can miss you from potential customers. So to be benefited in your business you need to free from all those issue. Our expert team will help you to make your website error and broken links free.

Fresh Content with SEO Optimized

Regular SEO optimized content can help your website to show on search engine so it will help you to gather more visitors from organic search. In Pixelaar, we have our own SEO expert team. They will make sure your SEO content which will lead your more visitors.

Virus and Malware Protection

If your website is effected with virus or some malware then it will decrease your search engine ranking. It also derive your visitors from your website. So you loose potential customers. We will make sure to updated your software and others plugin up to date, Apply security patches and remove all the effected things from your website.

Latest Update, News and Information

In any business it is very important to get updated with the customers. It will increase audience engagement and help you to turn your visitors into customers. Our team will always updated your website with latest offers, news, new product launch and others task which will important for your business.

Contingency Planning

Contingency can happen any time, so you need to have a plan to overcome in that situation. We will help you make your plan in contingency situation. We will make a complete backup solution so that you can instantly recover the website in case anything goes wrong.

Fresh Website

Our professional expert will make your website more attractive fresh. So it will attract more audience in your website.

Competitor analysis

Our expert team will also make a competitor analysis related to your business, what they are doing and what you should do to compete with them.

Here at Pixelaar FZC LLC is the perfect organization for your website maintenance needs. We have an excellent track record that speaks for itself. Thus, for all your website maintenance needs, you have this destination that can enhance your business further.

We have a dedicated team that is serving more than 200 companies. Our team of web developers are always at hand to cater to the requirements of the customers and this is why we have 24/7 service for our clients. Thus, we are always there for you and your business needs.