Refund Policy

We offer all of our clients a full refund within  15 days  from the purchase time of  the product. When you return any product we will have the right to ask you the reason for refund. We also have the full right to refuse your return request if your reason are not suitable.

If you face any problem using our product or if you think it’s has defeat then just sent us a mail with essential screenshot so that our support team can assist you. Give us a maximum time of 48 hours to solve your problem.

You can only demand for refund if

  • Your purchased product has defeat and non functional.
  • Our support team didn’t response you within 48 hours after you submitting your problems.
  • We our support team fail to solve your problem.
  • The product is not same as it described.

We have the right to refuse your refund demand if

  • You bought any product by mistake.
  • You don’t allow us to solve your issue in your website.
  • You demand refund after 15 days of your purchased date.
  • No refund will be offer for discount product.
  • For cancelling your membership account no refund will be acceptable.