As an Envato author, you are selling website templates, themes, and ready applications. This is where we make a collaboration with you. So you can bring your product client to us and we can take care of their needs. 

Envato author partner opportunity with Pixelaar will turn into a better relationship that goes beyond making money together. It will bring out the best uses of all the available resources for everyone involved. At Pixelaar we are working our best to turn these collaborations into meaningful bonds and results.

At present, the latest technology is introduced day by day and business owners are eager to incorporate it into their business websites. So the services of website developers are increasing.

Benefits of Envato author partner opportunity with Pixelaar

In the Envato marketplace, the only way to earn money for the authors is to sell their templates. After purchasing the templates many of the clients need customization and other website maintenance services.

If the authors have a huge number of clients, then it is difficult for them to take care of these customization and website maintenance tasks. And as a result, the authors miss the opportunity to earn extra money from their clients.

Here we are offering customization and maintenance services for your clients through you and if they purchase any of our plans we will give a 35% recurring commission for that purchase. So it’s an extra opportunity for the authors to earn money without doing any development tasks and other works. Just refer your client to Pixelaar and get rewarded with your commission.

Let’s take a look at an example:

An author has 5 templates in Envato Marketplace and each template has sold 200 times which means you have 1000 clients who are going to use your templates on their website. Among those 1000 clients, at least 300 to 400 clients need customization for their website like they want to adjust color, add different layouts, change the font, and other maintenance tasks. Here Pixelaar will offer these types of services to those clients as your website customization partner. We will give a 35% commission on any of the services the clients purchase from us. 

Pixelaar offers attractive referral commissions for each successful Purchase driven by the Authors company. We offer a recurrent payment method, meaning, as long the client is in business with us, you will get a 35% recurring commission from their recurring subscription payment.

Pixelaar will offer you the commission on each sale with recurring purchases. Every time your referred client makes a purchase, you will be getting a commission. We strongly believe in staying true to our roots and honoring them and hence, we shall present whoever brings a client with a reward. We are constantly striving for growth and share the vision of our partners growing along with us.

The authors will get their reward without any hassle. They just need to sign a partnership NDA with Pixelaar which we will send them when they submit the affiliate form. You need to refer your customization request to us and show the Pixelaar logo as your customization partner. The Themeforest item details page mentions us as your customization partner with an affiliate link. That’s it, it will ensure your earning.

Why should you partner with Pixelaar?

Pixelaar is a technology company having over 12 years of hands-on experience in website design and development, Cloud Application development, and much more related to web technology. Pixelaar is the parent company of “Themerox” which is one of the Elite Authors in the Themeforest marketplace and serves a wide range of purposes including WordPress premium themes and plugins and e-commerce websites to establish your organization’s brand identity. We are a team of experienced professionals. 

Pixelaar is offering Custom Websites and Web Development services for very high enterprises to small organizations to make their dream come true. We are an IT Business Process Outsourcing company who will take care of all your IT needs. Only web development is not our expertise but we have a complete team to fulfill your whole website needs like to develop a website and maintain its server and upgrade including live chat and many more related to complete business needs. So Pixelaar will be a lifesaver for your clients; helping them to focus entirely on their businesses without having to worry about IT-related issues which are not their primary goal.

Pixelaar offers a wide range of services including –

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