Marketing and sales departments are essential to the success of any business venture. This fact is as relevant in the pre-internet era as it is now. One can argue that these departments are even more critical for E-commerce businesses. Though, many people believe that having a great website is enough for them to succeed in the competitive world of E-commerce. However, this is not the case. Many studies have shown that in fact, it is the sales and customer support services that determine the overall efficiency and chances of success for an online website.

In this regard, direct human interaction and live chat have come to the fore as the two foremost ways of driving up online sales or subscriptions. These two methods also address one of the key issues of E-commerce; that is how to convert visitors to the site into buyers and subscribers. Here, we show you why customers love the personalized touch and how Direct Human Interactions and Live Chat options are integral in boosting your sales.

1)     Live Chat provides a human touch:

No matter the medium of business, the human factor is always important in any and all business dealings. The fact that your customers know that they are just not staring in to an empty abyss of information and in fact there is a real person waiting there to help you is a reassuring feeling. The person to person connection that is the cornerstone of any successful sales department is present in this way. Thus, Live Chat gives your customers the chance to feel connected with your services and this human connection can end up earning millions for you and your business.

2)     Personalization of Interaction:

Unlike generic chat bots that have a ready-made response to a generic set of questions, direct human interactions provide the customers a unique and personalized experience. These facilities provide your customer the chance to discuss the product and services in detail with you and this can be the make or break moment for our company and your business.

The chance to explain your product and services and why these are better than any other competitor is the opportunity you will have to wrap up the deal and drive up revenues. The personalization of interaction will thus elevate your business from just another website into a unique and memorable experience for your customers and in doing so, increase the chances of returning customers as well as more sales.

3)     Ease of Use for Customers:

The fact is that no matter how well designed your website may be, it will not be everyone’s cup of tea. There will still be users who may find the interface too complicated to navigate or it just may not be to their liking. The Live chat option will cater to all those disgruntled customers. This will help you in getting free of cost feedback as well. Moreover, the fact is that you will not lose these extra customers that may have had a bad user interface experience and these extra customers can be the driving force for you to achieve your sales targets.


4)     Cost Efficiency of Live Chat:

Despite that live chat may seem like a costly option for small businesses, the fact is that the sales and revenues generated by these services is far greater than any price you may pay for hosting these services. When a customer feels valued and catered to, he or she will be more inclined towards buying a particular service or product. These small features also raise the credibility and outlook of your business as a customer friendly destination.

Moreover, this is a far cheaper option than alternatives like email and telephone. Call centers are quite expensive to hire and they are much more inefficient in terms of keeping customers hooked and bound towards a successful sale. Also, one call center operator can handle one customer at a time while live chat operators can handle multiple queries simultaneously. Hence, the cost efficiency of live chat is much greater than it may appear.

Numerous studies have shown that customers always buy more or subscribe to services more due to the presence of live chat. This is the reason we see a trend in most companies towards increasing live chat and direct human interaction services. In the United States alone, there was a 60% increase in companies employing live chat services in a study by a research institute. This trend is evident all over the world.

As companies see the value of this service, we see an ever increasing number of businesses turn towards such services to boost their revenues. Now that it is settled that these services boost up your E-commerce businesses, the question is, how you can add them to your business? The answer is of course Pixelaar, your one stop for all your tech needs.

Pixelaar Direct Human Interaction and Live Chat Services:

Like all our online services, Pixelaar excels in providing our valuable customers the best live chat services. Our team of live chat experts can be available for you at all hours and we excel in selling all types of products and services. Our outstanding track record speaks for itself as we have offered the best online services to over 200 companies all over the world. We have already seen that live chat services are essential for driving up your sales and revenues.

They create loyal and recurring customers that are a key aspect of all E-commerce business models. The customer care that is provided via live chat services is unparalleled in its quick delivery and prompt responses. These small details add more credibility to your organization and business and this is the last missing piece in your quest to achieve E-commerce dominance. In this regard, you have a trusted partner in Pixelaar.

Our remarkable business record speaks for itself. We have the best group of live chat experts that can make any product or service sell much more quickly. Thus, for all your online needs an in particular, live chat services, you do not need to look any further than Pixelaar. To give the best customer support, you must have a company that believes in putting its customers first. There is no other company better than Pixelaar in this regard and we are your perfect partners in the online world.