202 has changed reality. No one had imagined 2020 like this. Every business industry is transforming digitally so fast than in the last decades. Now everyone in every sector is presented in online so the development project was underway got accelerated.

2021 will be a very challenging year for the web development industry. Anything is possible in this running year. A fresh trend may open up new opportunities or, the core technology can lead the markets. We have the whole year find out but, for now, we are going to discuss some web development trends according to our analysis that will lead in 2021.

Web Development Trends in 2021

AI (Artificial Intelligence) & ML (Machine Learning)

In 2021 AI and ML will dominate not only the web development sector but also all the business sectors. It will become more powerful and easy this year. It helps the business to build an AI-based system so that the business can transform themselves globally. eCommerce, education, medical all the industry are using AI to customize and personalize their user experience, customers handling and automation process.

Progressive Web App

Progressive web apps behave like a mobile app but actually, they are websites. PWA offer more conversion rate than the native apps. The main focus of progressive apps is to give the same user experience for all the devices.

Many tech giants like Amazon, Twitter are combining native and web application to grow their conversion rate. It also helps them to decrease the bounce rate. The features of PWE are making your website faster, optimized and more powerful.

Dark-Themed UI

For mobile application, dark theme UI is so much popular. Every mobile device is now coming with its dark theme user interface. Day by day websites are also moving for the dark interface as it is easier for the eyes. Users feel comfortable to use the website or application in a dark mood.

The dark user interface feels it easier to see light content by enhancing visibility. It also increases the number of black pixels uses so it consumes less device energy. It will be one of the most important key factors in 2021 as most of the popular tech giant like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Android all are moving to the dark interface.


Communication is the main factor in business and audience engagement. Most of the websites are now focus on AI-based chatbots to increase their customer experience. Chatbots and virtual assistance will be in driving force in business communication in this year as it analysis your data and customers queries and give your user what they need.

It helps you to response firstly for any customers queries. If you are enabling hat bots in your web pages your customer engagement will be higher. The demand for this automated communication solution is expected to rise even more in 2021.

Voice Recognition Technology

According to a survey it is expected that by 2023 there will be more than 8 billion voice assistance will be used. Voice assistant can help the users in many ways. Voice eCommerce is growing to rule this year as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba are using this voice assistant technology for innovation.

With the integration with smart speakers and smart home assistant, voice technology will go to the next level this year. So the developers need to make theirs in a way that it will compatible with voice search features and functionalities.

API-first Approach

API-first Approach is helpful for the developers as it makes their task easy and saves their time. On the other hand, it saves cost for the website owners. If your business has a well-documented APIs then it will be easier for you to communicate between applications. A robust API-approach is a crucial enabler of an organization’s digital presence and future expansions.

Cloud Computing

In 2021 according to Gartner, the public cloud services is growing to $306.9 billion. So, it is expected that cloud computing will be a key factor in this year for the development industry. Cloud computing is important to overcome overloading and data loss. It also replaces your regular server capability. Cloud computing will transform the approach to web development this year because not only does it reduce development costs, it also strengthens the entire web architecture.

Data Visualizations

Data Visualizations is the process to display your data and information through an image. We always create charts, reports, graphs for presentation but, in 2021, we will see this type of visualized data presentation in web application and websites.

Visualized data is eye-catchy and attract the audience easily. Interactive data visualizations engage and educate users by allowing them to access and view the information they want to see in a way that’s easy to understand.

In this current situation, most businesses are transforming their business online and depend on web solutions. These web trends can make e seamless difference in web industry. In this new years, businesses should look for new ideas and invention. The more creative and advance you are, the more your business will grow. You need to focus on the future and make a decision based on that.

If you’re interested in implementing one of these technologies to future-proof your business, reach out to us.