The URL in our content published in website are called the permalinks. Permalink are very important and an essential key factor for any online store. In your WordPress website you can easily manage and change the permalinks. Here in this article we will show you the easiest way to setup and manage shop permalinks in WooCommerce

Setup shop permalinks in WooCommerce

To setup your permalinks login to your WordPress website. Go to your dashboard and then Settings> Permalinks.

setup shop permalinks in WooCommerce

Here in this page you can see so many structure for your permalinks. With these structure you can also make your own custom structure.

The structures are-


This is the default permalink structure in WooCommerce. But using this structure is not good at all because it is not user friendly and it is difficult for the search engine to find it.

Day and Time

This structure is very user friendly to use. If you have e huge number of traffic in your online store then this structure is perfect for use.

Month and name

This structure is also similar to Day and Time and. Just like Day and Time it is also user friendly and search engine can easily find it.


This structure doesn’t support key word in the URL so it is not every SEO friendly so it is better for you to avoid this structure.

Post name

It use title and keyword in the link which is very SEO friendly.. It makes small and clean URL so it is very suitable to use.

Custom Structure 

In this structure we can create our own URL. For WooCommerce store it is recommended to use this structure. To use this replace your setting with custom structure and add “/%category%/%postname%/”.

It add your post title and category slug to our custom permalink structure.

setup shop permalinks in WooCommerce

Setup Product Permalinks

For Product permalinks settings scroll down to product permalink option.

Here you will see some options-


It is very user friendly and the URL is look like-  /?product=product-1

Shop base

It contains slug and shop in the URL. So it will look like –  /shop/product-2/

Shop base with category

It contains slug, shop and category in the URL. This structure is very perfect for SEO. The URL will look like –  /shop/category-1/product-3/

setup shop permalinks in WooCommerce

Customize Category and Product Tag Base

If you want to customize your category and tag base scroll up a little and you will find Category and product tag base option. A default value is set there.

If you have a category in your website then your archive category URL will be like

Like category if you have a tag name in your website then the URL will be like

Permalinks setting structure effect your URL. So it is very important to check before publishing.