WooCommece is one of the best WordPress plugin for online store. It offers you so many features and functionalities to manage your products and sell them online. When the users search for any products in your websites they need to check many things. They need to compare one item to others and also look for other variation of that products like size, color, features and many other factor.

WooCommerce gives you the opportunity to manage your products with different variation by using attributes. So here in this article you will show you how easity you can add and manage products attributes in WooCommerce.

What are Woocommerce Attributes

Attributes are the features which add extra data and information about your products. It also helpful for filtering and searching.If your products have different attributes, it will be easier for your customers to search any specific products they wants.

Many people being confused about variations and attributes but they are not same. Variations has nothing to do in searching and filtering. Variation helps too chose from different option like different color or sizes. Variations are based on attributes. Creating attributes is an essential first step before creating variations.

Setting Up WooCommerce Attributes

Suppose you are selling mobile devices in your online shop. You are selling different brands, different models and different features mobile. You want your customer to choose the perfect devices for their need. You can do this by adding attributes and add variations using those attributes.

To setup distributes login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Products > Attributes. By default you don’t have any attributes. Suppose you need to add attributes based on your mobile devices RAM version.

  • Add the attribute name as “RAM”.
  • Slug will automatically be created, and we can leave the rest of these options untouched.
  • Click “Add attribute” button and your attribute will be added.

Configure The Attributes

After creating our attribute RAM, now we can add different RAM version on your devices. Click on the Configure Terms option.

Now add our different RAM version. We can add all the version at a time.

  • Enter the RAM version
  • Add some short description
  • Click on the add new Ram tab

If you now go the attribute page then you can see your recently crated attributes and their variations.

Add Custom Attributes to Individual Products

Sometimes it is important to add any custom attributes for an unique products as needed rather than going through the above-described procedure of setting pre-configured attributes. When you have different products with different attributes then you need to add custom attribute for individual products.

  • Go to WordPress dashboard.
  • Select the specific products.
  • Scroll down to the Product Data section and find attributes option
  • Click Attributes. The drop down menu for “Custom product attribute” is already selected. Click Add.
  • Name your attributes and add values.
  • Save attributes

This process will help you to manage your products in your online shop.