How to check WordPress cookies for your website

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Published On: March 24, 2021

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Are you trying to check WordPress cookies for your website?

Cookies are very important for any website owners to store information about their users. Using the cookies you can easily identify the activities your users done on your website. But there are some laws to store the cookies. Different country provided different laws and the website owner need to mention that which cookies they are storing from the users browsers.

So here in this article we will discuss how to check WordPress cookies for your website.

What are cookies and cookies laws?

Cookies are small files which is sent by websites to the users browser to store data from the users. Cookies are very important and play a very vital role for the websites and business owners. Using the cookies information business owners can make their strategy and it also helps website owners to improve the user experience.

In every WordPress website there are two different types of cookies are available. The first one is the season cookies which can work for the login users for any WordPress website.

The second one is comment cookies. Comment cookies will enable when a user add a comment in your website. The purpose of this cookies is to store the users name, email id and other data.

Besides tgis two types website owners can also set different types cookies by using any third party plugins. Plugin offers many options and control to set cookies for a website.

Cookies laws

Cookies can store information that may cause any security issues. It can access your privacy without your knowledge. For the security reason many country provide cookies laws for the owners of websites. Country like UK, USA, Canada have law that website owners have to disclose the information what they are storing to the users. The European and others country also have the same laws.

How to check WordPress cookies your website stores

All the popular website browsers have the option to check which cookies are stored for any specific browsers.

Google Chrome

To check which cookies are using to your WordPress website go to your website and then click on the padlock icon from the search bar. It will open a menu and there you can see the cookies option. check WordPress cookies

Click on the cookies option and it will pop up the cookies window where you can see all the cookies set by website for the browser.

check WordPress cookies

You can view cookies by using inspect tools for any browser. Go to your website and right click to view inspect tools.

check WordPress cookies

Now you can see the developer console option, from there go to Application tab and them from the left dashboard you will find the cookies option.

check WordPress cookies

How to turn off cookies

If you analyse your website cookies you can see that there are some cookies set by some third party plugins. To turn off all these cookies you can use a plugin. There are plugins available which enable you to turn off the cookies in a very easy way. Here is a list of some plugin which enable you the option to turn off cookies.


OptionMonster is a WordPress analytical plugin which give you the features to control the cookies of your WordPress website.

Smash Balloon

After install and activate the plugin it will detects if you have a cookie notification plugin enabled or not. It will also hold the cookies until the users allow cookie consent.